Hello, this is MOMENT MOVEMENT :)

We're going to produce & sell 2017 wall calendar - for SH's birthday support!

ㅁ2017 Wall Calendar

300mmx400mm(11.8x15.7 by inches) Wall calendar Wire-O binding enables you to flip over the pages instead of tear them off Photos are mostly unreleased ones by MOMENT MOVEMENT, including best shots of released ones

ㅁSpecial Gift 1. 2 types of numbering sticker (4 sheets) Since holidays are different from country to country, this sticker helps you to mark them. You can also mark YOUR OWN HOLIDAY! 2. Cable wire keyring with 2 types of pendant: LSH & cap shaped

3. 2 types of transparent photo card 4. 5 types of printed photos

ㅁPrepayment Gift Black-colored strap (limited 100 pieces will be given by order of arrival)

ㅁPayment & Shipping Schedule Prepayment : 14th Sep. ~ 7th Oct.(9.14~10.7) Payment : 8th Oct. ~ 20th Nov. (10.8~11.20) Shipping : starts in early December, it can be re-scheduled.

ㅁPrice & Payment Account 1 SET = 20USD+EMS FEE 2 SET = 40USD+EMS FEE *International Shipping Cost refers to EMS FEE CHART.

Please send email to me when to order more than 7 SET :)

Return or Refund: If there is any mistake by seller or product damage, it can ONLY be replaced. No return or refund for any other reasons.

Woori Bank : 1002-340-769940 ㅇㅇㄱ Paypal : just2h2@naver.com

ㅁ Deposit form



ㅁ Sample Image of Calendar Images or fonts can be changed.

Calendar consist of A side and B side

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